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Contact Lens fitting, evaluation and follow-up care

A contact lens fitting is necessary for all patients (new and previous wearers) who want to correct their vision with contact lenses. A detailed look at the cornea and palpebral conjunctiva needs to be done in order to determine whether or not the eye is healthy enough to wear contact lenses. The patient’s tear layer will be evaluated as well. Power, base curve, lens diameter, lens material, wearing schedule, all need to be determined and a trial contact lens will be chosen. Trial lenses will be dispensed and worn on a limited schedule only after we feel confident that the patient understands how to care for them, can insert and remove them, and understands the wearing schedule. Trial contact lenses are included in the fitting fees as well as planned and un-planned contact lens follow-up visits for the year. Once the trial is successful, the contact lens prescription is “finalized” and the patient is issued a contact lens Rx.